A studio space capable of producing outdoor living spaces that can be fully lived and felt.

a meeting of forces where Architecture and Landscape Architecture merge.

Beats of Jungle3

The studio works to create high standard outdoor living spaces that can be fully enjoyed and lived in many versatile ways.

The transformation of the spaces, is meticulously produced through listening and considering all projects with tailor made precision, working through all the elements involved in the design process; from the physical site, its surroundings and the sites memories to land use and its functionality.


The setting of our practice is located in a mediterranean environment, where the lack of water and high temperatures in the summer season are key factors.


Working with those elements on our favour are key to the success of Jungle studio projects, which operates thinking of spaces and landscaping in the long run.  Using native plants and materials, exploring new ways of constructing which are based on traditions, yet always innovative.


Our work evolves with time organically according to our clients needs, producing projects which are thrilling and sensitive.

Also utilising and respecting what is already present, forms one of the fundamental pillars of our practice, where the landscape comes first.

Jungle Studio produces spaces that are dynamic yet functional, exciting and intelligent.

Beats of Jungle-time

Once all the elements are placed together, the alchemy of our vision is revealed into your dream space.